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Digital, Print & Website DesignerWhat does it take to market a website successfully?

Creating the online presence for your small business does not have to be complicated. A website designer that keeps your goals in mind throughout the development process enable me to deliver scalable, responsive websites at a fraction of the cost.

While a little knowledge of websites and the internet is preferred successful websites boil down to -Time, Energy, Loads of useful information and the desire to inform your customers. While I will not cover everything that goes into creating a strong SEO optimized website I will touch on a few of the basics. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me and I will elaborate on any specific question or concern you may have.

- Great Content
- A problem and A solution to that problem
- Usability
- Good SEO

Creating a truly desirable domain you need to provide people with useful and original content that they cannot find anywhere else. This does not mean that you have to be offering a one-of-a-kind product or service, just that the information and options are easily configured for the consumer.

Your customers are just as busy as you are, and no body likes having to "look around" to find what it is that they want. i have seen it time and time again, people want websites with A TON of information, and that is great, ultimately that is the idea, however cramming as much information on a single page is not only daunting to the viewer it is also a major conversion killer.

Simplify your logic, simplify your product or service. Provide an EASY solution to your target consumer.

The Problem

Most business websites I have seen are setup to convey the image of the business itself, for years this has been the norm. I see this trend changing however, Focus on your customer, their needs and the reason they are on your website to begin with. By doing so you are not only conveying yourself as their solution but in a clear and concise manner without any confusion.

Your business solves a solution for your customer, whether you are selling shoes or commercial IT services, it is all relevant.Your consumer has a problem, they need an easy and justifiable solution. It is your job to guide them to where they need to go.

Simple squeeze pages are perfect for this application, a webpage with a little bit of information and only a few choices lets your visitor focus better and make quicker decisions instead of sifting through a lot of information.

The Solution

By providing your visitors with an easily distinguishable solution to their problem you will not only attain more visitors but also increase your conversions for more leads.

Great Content

Undeniably the most important part of any website is its content. Must be original! Do not cut and paste anything onto your website. It only takes a little bit to re-write something in your own words, take the time and benefit from the rewards.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Search engine giants have deploys automatic scripts to constantly scour the web for new material. They spend the entirety of their lives collecting information and how they collect the information is really important. These scripts ( spiders ) do not see websites as a whole, they see pages and the links to and from these pages. All of this information is collected and cataloged. Once collected the search engines use their massive database of crawled web pages to quickly return results to people looking for information and solutions to everyday problems.

This is where Search engine algorithms come into play. While we are unsure about the exact way the major search engines rank the data they retrieve, we do know the commonalities in which these parts of the web pages are used and this helps us develop better and clearer web pages that are easily indexed for specifically targeted keywords.